Our Suppliers

Mungoswell's Flour


We're using this Scottish flour in all our breads and treats! It's all grown, milled, stored and packed locally at their East Lothian site before heading to us.

Their flour comes in different varieties, which we'll be using for our different breads and treats including scones and cakes. There's even gluten free flour, which we're itching to try out!

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Roan's Dairy


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The Roan Family at Barnbarroch Farm in Dumfries & Galloway have been milking cows for over 6 generations and were featured on the BBC 2 series This Farming Life.  Being proud of the great quality free range milk their herd of pedigree Holstein cows produce they launched Roan`s Dairy in 2015 and now their fresh local milk & cream is headed to Lockerbie!

Cream o'Galloway Ice-cream

cream o galloway.jpg

Cream o’ Galloway ice cream was launched at the Royal Highland Show in 1994. Over the past twenty years they’ve massively expanded their range of flavours (honestly, the Double Chocolate is to die for), sold it throughout the UK and overseas, and they’ve won numerous awards.

However, at the heart of their ice cream, always, is a natural approach to creating food made with normal, real ingredients – no chemical nasties, gums or artificial flavours, which works perfectly for us!

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John Watt Coffee


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John Watt is Carlisle's oldest Coffe Roasters and Tea Blenders. On our occasional days off, you'll often find us sipping their exciting flavours in their cafe on Bank Street, so it's really exciting to be able to offer their exquisite coffee from our own wee shop. Especially as they've already gained recognition for the Rainforest Alliance Expresso 1865 in the recent Great Taste Awards using the well-kept secret recipe that have been used in the business for over the century.

nith valley.jpg

Nith Valley Eggs

With 13,000 hens roaming in an old quarry turned farm, Nith Valley really defines Free Range Eggs. Given the space and freedom they need, the hens are well looked after on their Dumfries and Galloway site, the only free range woodland based farm in the country. 

 Nith Valley, currently the most unique egg producers Scotland has created, endeavours to supply the very best in terms of quality and freshness. The woodland farm produces the perfect base for happy hens who, in turn, produce some of the finest free range eggs to be found in Scotland, according to customers. Why not try for yourself?

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