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Getting Back on Track

So, it's been nearly a month since you heard from us! We're really sorry for that, but, rest assured, it's going to be all go from this moment onward.

We thought we'd just explain why we've been so quiet over the last month. The fact is, there's been very little to report. What no one tells you about starting your own business is just how much waiting you have to do. We sorted a great, in depth business plan, we applied for finance and moved forward in securing the lease for the building. This was all in September. It's now November and progress has been...slow. We wouldn't be surprised if you lost interest or, heaven forbid, forgot about us and our venture. We almost did. It's really frustrating when everything starts off so fast and you feel geared up and prepared and then you meet stalls and new hurdles and everything seems to grind to a halt. Not quite a halt, but a crawl.

Obviously, we've been doing further research, more planning and preparing in the background, but when nothing tangible or reportable is happening, it doesn't seem to mean as much, especially to readers and those who just want the darned shop to open.

We took a small break with family and over our week away (naturally) a wonderful leap forward took place. So, with renewed vigour, we're back and working harder than ever to bring this all about.

We thank you all for your patience and continued interest and will obviously update you whenever anything happens. We can't wait for Lockerbie to have a new, exciting and affordable independent shop in the heart of the community.