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Hey folks, it's been a while since we sat and actually wrote a wee blog post for what's been happening recently, so we thought we'd just keep you up to date .

So far, all the walls have been fixed, filled and plastered. We built a new wall to separate our little kitchen space and are working on fitting all the parts in the upcoming weeks. We've painted everything on the shop floor (a few times) and even have some of the slat wall up for shelves! It may not seem like we're moving all that fast, but the shop really needed a little bit of care given to it after a good few years of neglect.

Thank you all for your likes and comments on social media, and even those who stop by and chat when we're working outside, we really appreciate your support.

As we stand at the minute,we don't have a definite opening date in mind, but we are pushing and pushing for othe beginning f March. If all goes well, we'll see you then!

As ever, we update on social smedia omewhat more often than on here at the moment, so follow us on @broomhousesstorelockerbie on Instagram or @BroomhousesStoreLockerbie on Facebook (for some exciting reason, the capitals matter!)

So apologies for radio silence, but we've got our heads down working hard, I promise!

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