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Strange Times

Hi everyone!

We can't quite believe that it's been so long since we added to our blog. Once we opened, we were faced by so many unexpected challenges, things we'd not even thought of, let alone prepared for.

Since we last posted, we've had our 1 year key-anniversary AND our 1 year OPEN-versary! We've been open over a year now, and things have certainly changed from those chaotic few weeks after opening. We have a solid base of lovely local customers, many familiar faces and some folk who make quite a trip just to see us. I don't know if that's because of the cakes, produce or just our company, but it's appreciated by us very much. We now stock fresh fruit and veg, courtesy of Mark & Helen Irving, who have been absolute legends when it came to organising this. It's brilliant to see so many folk stocking up on the good stuff as well as the naughty treats. We no longer make our own rolls every morning, we use the delicious fresh morning rolls we get in from Express Bakery. This means more time for the sweet treats for Mark in the kitchen, so everyone's a winner!

We cant make a Blog post now without talking about the last few months, the Covid-19 global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and gentle easing of restrictions we've all been through. On the evening of Sunday March 22nd, when the lockdown was announced, we honestly had no idea what the future would hold for us and our wee shop. Luckily for us, we were deemed essential and were able to stay open. We modified our opening hours and started offering home deliveries to those who were self-isolating. Those first few weeks of lockdown were a big change and shift of priorities when we'd only just really found and settled into a rhythm. We became busier than ever, due to our shortened opening times and extra work we piled on ourselves and we both struggled through week after week. The only thing that kept us going (cheesy post alert) was you guys, our customers. You guys came in, chatted to us, donated food stuffs for us to pass on and joined our Broomhouses Help Chat on WhatsApp, helping each other out where possible. Once the lockdown started to ease, more and more of you came to see us to get your essentials and maybe a few treats and meant a lot to us. When facemasks became mandatory in shops, you've all worn them, even some of you trying it out even though you're exempt, which means the world to us.

We're not sure what else 2020 can throw at us now, but we know we've got a brilliant community of folk who have been looking out for each other so incredibly well, we don't think anything could break that spirit.

For now, let's stay sensible, stay practical and stay safe.

Thank you all

Charly and Mark

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