• Broomhouses Store

We've got the ball rolling!

Living on the edge of the scheme of Lockerbie, we've often wished there was a shop nearby selling the essentials, tea, bread, milk. The sort of things you don't want to walk 20 minutes into town to get. When we first moved here, we saw the old Gala Park store and celebrated. Until we realised it was shut and had been for some time.

For months, we asked ourselves "Why doesn't someone open a shop there?" until we decided, why don't we?

So a few months of planning, writing business plans, meetings, many, many emails and a tonne of market research, we have finally just applied for funding to help us in our endeavour.

Soon enough, we'll be taking the lease on the shop, with the aim to provide your everyday essentials as well as bread baked freshly on the premises, coffee to go and eventually even lunch deals for the businesses in the area. We're also looking to provide a PayPoint service for your gas and electricity meters.

We'll be updating our progress on here and social media as often as we have anything to tell you, so please, if you feel like you'd like to suggest anything, ask any questions, or just get the gossip, feel free to contact us using the form on the homepage.

Exciting times lie ahead!